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treasuresex's Journal


thanks to vargesz

i am an artist. i like for people to know that. i think that being able to create something with your mind and bare hands is the most wonderful ability in the world. my name is lauri, i am 19 and grew up a troubled child on the gulf coast of the great state of texas. my mind runs a million miles a minute, i'm always matching colors, or drawing in my mind. i don't shove musicians into genres, and you will notice that i don't call them "artists" unless i believe they are truly "artists". they are musicians. i'm manipulative and mischevious and i love to drink.

i'm here to share my creativity.

12-20-08: as of today, all past entries will be friends only, all future entries will be public.

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12-20-08: i have a lot of textures on my computer that i can't remember who made for the life of me. so if you recognize one of your textures in anything i make, let me know and i'll immediately give you credit. i assure you it wasn't intended.

a. credit is a must.
b. do not edit in any way, shape or form.
c. commenting if you use them is preferred (no stealing!)

a. credit is not required, but is appreciated. if you wish to credit, credit either me or treasuresex@deviantart.
b. do not edit my textures please
c. do not repost as another resource

a. credit is not required, but is appreciated.

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